Sailing Meisol



We’re a young couple in their 30's passionate about the ocean and we would love to share our passion with you. We can't wait to keep meeting new places and new people.


“Hoi, I’m the skipper of Meisol. I’ve been sailing since I was a kid with my father and grandfather. At 18 I got my yacht license for lakes and with 23 I passed my ocean license. Since then, I’ve done charter turns with friends in Croatia, Greece, the Caribbean, etc.


Thanks to my 50% job we can live our dream. That means that I’m working every morning while the guests are having breakfast, swimming and enjoying the anchor spot. At noon, when everybody is ready we sail to the next destination.”



“Hi, I’m the hostess of Meisol and here is a little info about myself. I come from the caribbean: Cancún México. Therefore I’ve grown up in the ocean, doing all kind of water sports since I was just a kid. I’m really greatful to my parents since they are the ones who passed on their passion for the ocean to me.


I love cooking and I always try to buy local food and for creating local dishes, therefore, depending on where we are I may try different dishes ;)”


Here is a quick explanation of the story behind the name MEISOL and our logo. 

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