Sailing Meisol




No sailing experience needed! At noon, after a delicious breakfast, swimming and Sevi’s home office work, we’ll set sail for our next destination. While sailing, you’ll have the choice to relax, read a book, and savor the scenery, or become an active part of the crew, engaging in some thrilling sailing experiences. Sevi, the skipper, is eager to share his knowledge and teach you everything you need to know.

Route for the week

Upon your arrival, we’ll discuss with a beer all the options to plan the route. We’ll consider everyone’s preferences, the weather, and wind forecasts to craft an ideal itinerary.

Throughout our journey we’ll have evenings where we can go out for a local dinner, drinks and explore the village. Other nights, we’ll drop the anchor in serene spots, allowing you to enjoy a peacful dinner on board with a sunset view. Get ready for an unforgettable experience!


While we are anchored, you can use everything we have on board to enjoy your time on board:

  • 2 paddle boards
  • Snorkeling equipment 
  • 3 floatable noodles 
  • 2 inflatable beds
  • 2 hammocks
  • Yoga mat
  • Social games


You don’t have to worry about food! We will ask you some questions related about your food preferences and allergies to handle all the shopping for you (included in the price). As for alcohol, you can also tell us what you would like to drink and we will buy it for you before your arrival (not included in the price).


Each morning, Stefy will prepare a heavy and delicious breakfast while we’re anchored. For lunch, expect a light meal or snack since we’ll likely be sailing towards  a new place. As for dinners, we assume that you’ll like to go out to discover the village and enjoy a local dish in a restaurant. However, if we are anchored in the middle of nature, we always arrange a dinner on board. When we get to anchor in a beautiful and peaceful bay, expect a captain’s dinner with a BBQ night on board!